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Catégorie : Broadcast design

Presse citron 2017

The Trophée Presse Citron {BnF is a national press drawing contest co-organized by l’École Estienne and the BnF (Bibliotheque Nationale de France). Every year, this competition meets press drawers from France and from all over the world during an award evening at the 13e district town hall of Paris. This year, Anton Moglia participate to the creation of the identity, doing the letterings and the webdesign of the event.


Website url : pressecitron.org

Catégorie : Webdesign

D-Mood Records / Marsatac

Catégorie : Broadcast design

Les Jardins Suspendus

Catégorie : Broadcast design

SPOK Restaurant

Chef opérateur son : Arture Proust
Réalisation et image : Théo Vincent
Musique : Misfits – Grand Soleil

Catégorie : Broadcast design

Jact sud Formations

Catégorie : Graphic design

Les Jardins Sauvages




Catégorie : Broadcast design

Le Tramway prend l’Art

Communication for the opening ceremony of a new tramway line in Marseilles. During the opening ceremony of a new tramway line, the federation of shopkeepers of the city center of Marseilles had organised an event to gather people of the city, around artistic and cultural activities in the center of Marseilles. The theme of postcards was chosen to recall the historic scope of tramways in Marseilles. The communication around the event was conveyed through a range of various media : a poster in multiple formats, flyers, and a program leaflet.

Catégorie : Graphic design